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Architectual and Planning services

We offer a pre-application planning advice service for planning and for listed building applications. This lets you get professional objective advice and information from a planning officer or building conservation officer on all aspects of the planning process relating to your application, before you submit it.

Advice includes:

  • Whether your proposal is likely to gain planning permission or listed building consent

  • What the key planning policy issues are

  • What you would need to submit with your application











With over 30years of experience on  constructing and refurbishing a wide variety of residential, non-residential buildings for both private and public sector clients. We pride ourselves on delivering a flexible and responsive service to our clients; the high level of repeat business is testament to this. As a result of delivering to clients requirements, the company continues to see steady growth.


London Eco Homes is happy to offer a cost free technical consultation and estimating service at the project planning stage. We cover a wide spectrum from new-build residential and commercial developments via our Construction Services team, through to residential extensions, refurbishments and maintenance via our Property Services arm.


Property Management

We arranging essential repairs and maintenance.

We provide advice to new and existing clients on the following property management services:

•  Rent collection 
•  Service charge
•  Budget and expenditure management 
•  Financial management and statutory compliance 
•  Compliance with sustainability issues 
•  Procurement and contractor management 
•  Health & Safety and risk management




London Ecohomes was founded by a group of experts as a vehicle to effectively find, define and execute development project collaboratively, with clarity and transparency.  Investors in projects are all like-minded individuals who share the core values of charity, cooperation, respect, trust, ethics and financial success.

The company’s ethos is to keep things simple and transparent by avoiding wasteful activities, unnecessary meetings, pointless managerialism. 

The core team of three executives are expected to be intuitive, autonomous, proactive, self-reliant and hands on, delivering the following services to serve clients, the company as a whole, contractors,  employees and investors in the best and most effective possible manner


Mission Statement:
To attract and retain investors who share our values with well selected and executed projects and the most rewarding co-operation experience in the UK.


Vision Statement:

To be the most successful and respected project channel in the UK.

Method Statement:

London Ecohomes was founded by a group of colleagues as a vehicle to find, define and execute development project collaboratively with clarity and transparency.
People who join our projects share the same core values of charity, synergy, co-operative,respect, trust, and a quest for collaborative  financial success.
The company’s ethos is to keep its operations simple and transparent while delivering quality and speed through the avoidance of wasteful activities such as unnecessary meetings, pointless hierarchies, costly premises and complex processes.
The core operations and management team are astute market analysts, intuitive property experts and autonomous operation managers who seek to serve the company, its clients, employees and the society as a whole as effectively as possible.







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For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 08001560057 or fill out the following form

Head Office

Unit 5 Peter James Enterprise

55-57 Park Royal Road

London NW10 7LP

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Enquiry about the new projects

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